The speakers of the house.

HomePod mini takes up almost no space yet delivers room‑filling sound. HomePod is a breakthrough speaker with high‑fidelity audio that adapts to its location. Both help you take care of everyday tasks with Siri, control your smart home, set up multiroom audio, and send Intercom messages to every room. HomePod and HomePod mini keep everything private and secure, and only listen for “Hey Siri.”

HomePod mini


Available starting 11.16



White HomePod mini in front and  to the left of a Space Gray HomePod.

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HomePod mini




Available starting 11.16

Audio technology

Full-range driver
and dual passive

High-excursion woofer and array of seven tweeters

Spatial awareness

Multiroom audio

Stereo pair capable

Home theater with Apple TV 4K



Smart home hub


Set up and customize how you control your smart home accessories.

iPhone with HomeKit device graphics.

Home Accessories

Discover smart home accessories that work with HomePod.

iPhone, iPad, and small viewing camera arranged.